A mechanic was hurt at the Buffalo Narrows airport Friday afternoon while working on a plane that had earlier experienced in-flight problems with its landing gear.

Emergency personnel responded to a report of an aircraft that was having mechanical issues with its landing gear while attempting to land.

The aircraft circled the area, burning off excess fuel prior to landing — before landing safely with the rear landing gear in the up position.

RCMP say the plane received “moderate damage” and all six passengers were unharmed during the incident.

However, about an hour later, a mechanic working on the aircraft’s landing gear was injured when the aircraft fell on him, trapping him underneath.

The mechanic, a male in his thirties, was freed by emergency personnel and others at the scene.

He was transported to the Ile a la Crosse hospital for treatment, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

Both NAV Canada and Occupational Health and Safety are investigating.