Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Vice-Chief Morley Watson was in Yorkton today denouncing remarks recently made by Saskatchewan Party candidate Greg Ottenbreit.

Last week, Ottenbreit responded to a question on revenue sharing by saying First Nations may view them as “handouts” and “use the money to purchase drugs and alcohol.”

Watson says the remarks were inappropriate and insensitive and the apology lacked sincerity.

“We thought the apology lacked any sincerity.  You know he said well I don’t really remember my exact words and he said I believe I heard that from my First Nations friends.”

The FSIN is calling on Ottenbreit to step down and resign.

Meanwhile, the Saskatchewan Party Leader was asked for his take on the issue.

Wall says Ottenbreit spoke out of context and apologized immediately.

“He had indicated he heard from First Nations this other concern.  It had no context in the question that was asked.  He apologized immediately.  For those of you that know Greg, this is a good man and he immediately understood this was the wrong thing to say and apologized which is what we would want our candidates to do.”

Watson says the FSIN will wait until after the election to meet with Ottenbreit.