Report Confirms Diabetes A Growing Trend in SHR

Friday, August 26, 2011 at 14:13



The Saskatoon Health Region says its most recent report on diabetes confirms much of what it already knew: that the rate of disease has increased over the recent years and will continue to increase.


The report also says that diabetes particularly affects Aboriginal people more than the rest of the population.


Penny Daniels has been with the health region’s Living Well with Diabetes program for two years now and is also a peer leader.


She says the program has helped her eat better, exercise more and just generally feel better about herself.


The report shows higher rates of diabetes in low-income neighbourhoods, and the rates of complications are also much higher in these neighbourhoods, running from twice as to six times as high.


In 2007, there were 16,500 people living with diabetes in the region.


It’s projected by 2020 that will double.