The provincial government is warning that recent issues at SIGA, including removing board chair Kirk Goodtrack, could affect the gaming framework agreement.


The province has released a letter Minister responsible for SIGA, Tim McMillan, wrote to the FSIN as well as the SIGA board, outlining issues it wants to see addressed.


Those include the increase in size and cost of the board, administrative costs of the CDCs, an insurance payment and the continued involvement of FSIN Vice-Chief Dutch Lerat – which McMillan calls “inexplicable and simply unacceptable.”


Today, McMillan emphasized he would not speculate what would happen if those issues weren’t addressed before December when the agreement is renegotiated.


McMillan says he spoke with Vice-Chief Morley Watson yesterday and says Watson told him a response to the letter would be coming that would address the province’s concerns.


McMillan says Watson did not give him specifics and did not say if Lerat would be removed from any involvement with SIGA.