La Loche RCMP are investigating a disturbance which left several people injured, the hospital damaged and a police vehicle burned.

Police say it started around 3:15 this morning when a 29-year-old man was injured when the ATV he was driving nearly hit a police vehicle and crashed in the ditch.

As officers were assisting the unconscious man, people at a nearby party began throwing bottles and cans at them — blaming the RCMP for the man’s injuries.

When ambulance personnel arrived they were also struck before getting the crash victim to hospital.

Once at La Loche hospital, police say a crowd of about 70 people stormed the facility and tried to get in.

Staff members were able to barricade the doors but a number of windows were smashed.

RCMP officers resorted to using pepper spray on several people in the crowd to stop the entry.

All members of the La Loche detachment were then called in to disperse the crowd and take control of the area.

The ambulance received heavy damage to all of the windows and a police truck was set on fire and destroyed.

There were no serious injuries, and so far there is no word on arrests or charges.