Bridge Crack Costing Cameco Thousands Of Dollars

Wednesday, September 07, 2011 at 13:25



Truckers are being reminded that weight restrictions are still in effect for Prince Albert’s Diefenbaker Bridge.


The Prince Albert Police Service is monitoring both ends of the structure to make sure all loads are in compliance.


The limit right now is 15,000 kg.


The restriction is likely to remain in place for the next week to ten days.


It was early last week when the city announced that a large crack had been discovered in one of the eight girders that support the bridge.


Meantime, the problem is costing uranium giant Cameco roughly $2,000 a day in travel costs.


Spokesman Murray Lyons says Cameco has about 20 truckloads of goods and product travelling back and forth each day between its logistical centre in Saskatoon and its northern mines.


Truckers generally use the Diefenbaker Bridge, but are currently forced to go through Blaine Lake and Shellbrook.


The company estimates the detour is costing it one $100 a load.


Lyons says Cameco has also been told it could be a while until the problem is fixed.


He says the company is factoring the cost into its day-to-day operations.