Another Delay in Murder Trial

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 15:29



There has been another delay in the case of a man accused of killing an Onion Lake woman.


Douglas Hales was set to stand trial later this month for the first degree of Dahleen Bosse.


However, yesterday Hales’ lawyer was granted leave, after having a falling out with Hales.


The judge has now given Hales a couple weeks to find a new lawyer.


Crown Prosecutor Robin Ritter says the family and the case have faced many delays, as initially Hales got rid of his legal aid lawyer, and then his second lawyer left after the preliminary hearing.


Ritter says this type of thing won’t be able to continue indefinitely but that there is no specific number of times it can happen before a judge rules the trial to go ahead.


Hales will be back in court on October 12th.