FSIN Chief Takes Aim at IGC

Thursday, August 04, 2011 at 16:45



FSIN Chief Guy Lonechild is speaking out about today’s meeting of the Indian Government Commission.


The meeting was about whether there are grounds to proceed with a non-confidence vote against Lonechild, which some chiefs have been calling for since the winter assembly.


In a release and through his lawyer, Lonechild says he refuses to participate in the hearing, saying that many members have already made up their minds and therefore are not fair or impartial.


He also called the hearing unlawful, saying it violates the FSIN legislation and policy.


Legal counsel Jeff Howe says Lonechild’s position is not just about himself, but rather protecting the legislation of the FSIN.


Howe says his client will use all legal means to make sure laws and processes are followed but is waiting to see what comes of today’s meeting.


Sources also tell MBC that during today’s meeting, FSIN’s legal counsel and Chief Executive Officer resigned.