Sturgeon Lake Man Jailed For Assaulting Spouse

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 21:05



A judge has sentenced a Sturgeon Lake man to over four years in prison for abusing his common-law partner.


52 year-old Clifford Daniels received four years, two months and fifteen days incarcertation for the lengthy assault of his common-law wife.


Court heard the woman wound up with cuts, bruises and a dislocated shoulder after Daniels beat her on Christman Day.


Members of the accused’s family were on hand for the sentencing and voiced messages of support for him.


However in the end the judge said the cycle of abuse must end and handed down his decision.


Speaking outside the courthouse, prosecutor Maureen Longworth, said she was satisfied with the decision.


“Well the crown is satisfied with both the verdict, the decision and also with the sentence, we actually received the sentence that we requested from the court today.  The circumstances of the offenses are dire and grave and they called for significant penitentiary sentence and that’s what the court delivered today and I think it’s appropriate for the accused.”


Court heard the victim in the assault has been writing letters to Daniels in prison expressing support for him.