McIvor Explains Decision To Approach UN

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 13:12



A bill designed to amend certain clauses in the Indian Act could reach third reading today.


Bill C-3 is aimed at correcting what is seen by many First Nations women as an injustice against their descendants.


Sharon McIvor first launched legal action in 1989 in a bid to change certain portions of the Indian Act.


McIvor, who married a non-Native man, says the Act clearly discriminates against females as her grandchildren can only receive limited Indian status under the Act, while her brother’s grandchildren get full status.


McIvor won her case, but the government appealed it.


The B.C. Court of Appeal then narrowed that initial ruling substantially.


McIvor says Ottawa is using that court’s decision as the basis for Bill C-3, and that is why she is fighting it.


She adds one of her last chances to see the bill amended will be at the committee level when it goes before the Senate.


However, McIvor notes the Senate is dominated by Conservatives and she doubts anything she says will be accepted by them.


She says that is why she recently announced she would also be taking her fight to the United Nations.