First Nations To Manage Prince Albert FMA

Thursday, October 14, 2010 at 15:28



A wide swath of timber north of Prince Albert is now under new management.


Today, the provincial government handed over control of the Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement to new hands.


Sakaw Askiy Forest Management Incorporated will now be in control of the land once dominated by Weyerhaeuser.


The group is an umbrella organization for lumber companies in the region, along with the Montreal Lake Cree Nation and the Agency Chiefs Tribal Council.


Dave Knight is the president of the new group.


He says it will provide strategic oversight to outside companies and ensure the FMA remains in good standing.


Montreal Lake Chief Roger Bird says he is grateful for the new partnership.


Bird says the band had little say in how their traditional lands were managed when Weyerhaeuser held the timber license.


However, he is hopeful this new co-operative effort will bring jobs to his people.