Wapass Set For Sentencing In Murder Case

Monday, January 18, 2010 at 12:45



A Thunderchild First Nation man charged with second-degree murder will learn his fate this Thursday.


Brett Austin Wapass is accused in the death of 19-year-old Tristan Paddy.


Paddy was beaten to death during a house party on the Thunderchild First Nation on April 2, 2008.


He was accused of stealing a bottle of liquor.


The trial has been held for the past week in Battleford’s Court of Queen’s Bench.


Final arguments in the case were heard today.


Crown prosecutor Suzanne Reid said a person who aids and abets a murder can be convicted of second degree murder.


Reid said Wapass did that by holding back a witness who tried to intervene in the fight.


She said Wapass was angry with Paddy for allegedly making moves on his girlfriend.


Defence lawyer George Combe said there is no real evidence that Wapass attacked Paddy.


The evidence that was given is conflicting, and thus, unreliable, Combe said.