Uranium City Residents Discuss Gunnar Cleanup

Friday, September 03, 2010 at 13:27



Some potential cleanup options are being discussed regarding an old mine site in the province’s far north.


Several decades ago, the Gunnar mine site employed many people in the Uranium City area.


Now it sits vacant, but tailings from the site still need to be disposed of.


Joe Muldoon is an official with the Saskatchewan Research Council, the group commissioned to clean up the site.


He says they discussed several options with the residents earlier this week, including potentially moving the tailings to another location.


Muldoon says another option is having a stand-alone landfill that would be engineered to accept the waste.


He adds they also implored the residents not to visit the site.


More meetings are planned before the cleanup work actually begins.


The SRC says it hopes a cleanup can be done by 2013.