Too Little Snow Keeping Dog Race Sign-ups Low

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 12:10



A northern Saskatchewan sled dog race organizer says she’s hoping for a few more weeks of cold weather — at least enough to keep mushers training their dogs on hard-packed snow.


Gill Gracie says with the late arrival of winter weather across the country, the success of the 13th annual Canadian Challenge could be in doubt if racers don’t get enough of the conditions they need to prepare their teams.


With the start date just 28 days away, only five teams have signed up so far for the 12-dog and 8-dog races — despite the promise of prize payouts for up to 10 teams per race.


There is also only one team so far for the juniors, which is meant to attract younger athletes to the sport, and no one yet for the newly-introduced “open” race — but Gracie is still hoping for a repeat of last year’s success.


This year, Gracie says, they’d also like to see some spectators along the route, so they can not only experience more of the race and enjoy some northern hospitality, but also encourage those working hard to make this happen.


This year’s Challenge starts on Feb. 10.