Study Of 1999 La Ronge Forest Fire Nearly Done

Friday, September 03, 2010 at 13:44



A research team from the University of Lethbridge is almost ready to release its report on the Mallard Fire.


The blaze swept through the La Ronge area in 1999 destroying a number of homes, leading to evacuations and other property damage.


The study was headed up by Professor Judith Kulig who says the fire also resulted in positive change.


Members of her team met with people in the community to assess the reaction to the fire and any changes which may have followed.


Kulig says the study shows that emergency plans were updated — and respondents indicated the commmunity was “more prepared” and “did better” during subsequent forest fire threats.


A summary of the research is being published in pamphlet form and will be distributed in the La Ronge area.