Red Pheasant TLE Land To Be Developed This Spring

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 12:23



The Red Pheasant First Nation expects to break ground this spring on an industrial development on the band’s TLE land.


The 30-acre parcel is part of 347 acres the band owns in the east end of North Battleford.


The development was mentioned as Chief Sheldon Wuttunee spoke to city council last night.


It will be located just north of Sakewew High School.


For the past several years, the Battlefords North Stars hockey club has rented that land.


They grow crops on it to raise money.


Wuttunee says the club will still be able to do that, just in a different portion of the land.


The city and the band have been negotiating a deal to provide services to the development.


Wuttunee praised the city for its co-operation in that task.


He says the band and the city have been working on the file for at least 14 years.