FNUC Funding Withheld Due To Missing Reports

Tuesday, January 05, 2010 at 14:06



The First Nations University of Canada is late on another funding deadline.


The university had already missed a deadline of Nov. 30, which is when three reports were due.


Two of those reports were submitted, which resulted in Indian and Northern Affairs Canada releasing $600,000 worth of funding, but another $1-million is tied to the missing report, which is a board of governors’ manual.


Indian Affairs spokesman Rod Desnomie says an additional report was supposed to have been filed by Jan. 1, but the university did not meet that deadline either.


Desnomie expects the two missing reports to be filed after the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations’ next legislative assembly in February.


“I believe these reports need to be approved or go through some kind of a process at the assembly, before we will receive them,” he says.


Almost $250,000 in funding is tied to the report that was due Jan. 1, which is a comprehensive action plan.


Desnomie says there are no other consequences for institutions when they submit reports late: once the documents are submitted, the funding will be released.