Dad Of Dead Foster Child Sets Out For Legislature

Friday, September 03, 2010 at 13:55



The father of a Sturgeon Lake toddler who died while in foster care is taking a message to the provincial government.


Chris Martell wants to make sure no more families have to go through what he’s gone through.


It was just a few months ago that his son, Evander Daniels, drowned in a bathtub outside Saskatoon.


The foster mother has been charged, but Martell wants to make sure he gets a full explanation into what happened.


He also has suggestions on how to prevent similar tragedies, including ensuring all foster parents and social workers take first aid and CPR training.


Martell is beginning his six-day march from Saskatoon to Regina today.


Once he reaches the provincial capital, he plans to take his message to the Ministry of Social Services.