Chiefs Approve New Governance Model For FNUC

Tuesday, March 09, 2010 at 13:32



The FSIN chiefs have passed resolutions that will change the governance structure of the First Nations University of Canada.


Earlier this afternoon, resolutions were passed that will first extend the interim board of governor’s term to a year — and will implement a four-year transitional management model.


Under this model, financial administration will be given to the University of Regina, and senior management will be reporting to the U of R until the interim board decides upon a senior executive officer and senior management.


FSIN Chief Guy Lonechild hopes governments can now move past the governance issues and focus on the good work FNUC does and its importance to First Nations people.


Lonechild is travelling to Ottawa Thursday to meet with Indian and Northern Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl to discuss the financial future of the FNUC.


Lonechild and the interim FNUC board are of the view that now that the chiefs have ratified the changes, Indian Affairs will release $1.2 million in funding for the FNUC that has been withheld.


Meanwhile, a review by Meyers Norris Penny of practices at FNUC is about 60 per cent complete.


Auditor Brian Drayton provided an update during today’ assembly.


Drayton says there are inconsistencies and failures.


He pointed to a policy of the FSIN that says holidays must not be paid out, while FNUC has a policy that says they can be paid out in exceptional or unusual circumstances — even though FNUC is supposed to be governed by the same policies.


Drayton stressed his interim report is not a forensic audit.


The review should be completed in a few months.