Canadian Rangers Plan To Recruit In Wollaston

Friday, January 15, 2010 at 14:34



The Canadian Rangers are making their presence felt in northern Saskatchewan.


On Jan. 21-23, members from the organization will be in Wollaston Lake on a recruiting drive.


Only 30 spots are open, though, with training set to take place Feb. 9-16.


Coordinator Mary Denechezhe says the Rangers will pick who they want for the group, but she hopes many local residents still sign up.


Denechezhe says a criminal record check is necessary first.


She adds that once local Rangers are trained, the community will be able to use them as first responders.


The Canadian Rangers have been Canada’s “eyes and ears” in the Arctic for several years.


Largely composed of Inuit men on snowmobiles, the organization has long been associated with the Canadian identity.