Yellowquill Chief Asks For Changes

Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 18:25



The chief of the Yellowquill First Nation says Indian Affairs must re-think the current strategy for helping bands get out of third-party management.


Robert Whitehead asked Jim Prentice yesterday at the FSIN legislative assembly in Saskatoon if he would support the establishment of a fiscal relations secretariat by the FSIN.


Whitehead said Prentice supported the idea in a sense, but shed few other details.


The chief notes Yellowquill is at the mercy of third-party managers when it comes to settling outstanding debt.


Whitehead says he inherited the band’s debt when he was elected chief years ago and he has had trouble developing programs and services because of it.


The chief adds the FSIN would make a better partner for Saskatchewan bands when it comes to fixing their financial woes, as opposed to Indian Affairs.