Worme Ready For More Challenges In Stonechild Case

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 14:57



The lawyer for Neil Stonechild’s mother welcomes the latest ruling from the Saskatchewan Police Commission — but notes this is not the end of appeal options for two dismissed Saskatoon police officers.


Brad Senger and Larry Hartwig were fired after a public inquiry found they’d had Stonechild in their custody the last night he was seen alive.


Stonechild’s frozen body was found in a field near Saskatoon in 1990.


The commission recently upheld the former officers’ dismissals.


But Don Worme notes the officers could appeal the commission’s decision, and says they could also appeal the decision of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal to uphold the inquiry’s findings.


Worme says he speaks often to Stella Bignell, Stonechild’s mother, and adds that she is pleased that the police commission is “rebuilding its credibility” by “making sure these incidents are dealt with properly”.


Senger and Hartwig have indicated they will go all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada to have their firings and the findings of the inquiry overturned.


But Worme says he suspects those rulings will be upheld in the higher courts.