Wollaston Residents Play Annual Waiting Game

Friday, January 23, 2004 at 13:20



Residents of Wollaston Lake are counting the days until this year’s ice road to their community is finished.


Band councillor Ed Benoanie says while a few barrels of fuel arrived by private vehicle the other night, it won’t last for long and they need to see the bigger trucks rolling in soon.


Until that happens, he says they will simply try to do the best they can.


Benoanie says some residents have been making trips to the south in private vehicles to gather supplies on their own, but such trips can be treacherous with the weather.


He is calling on the Calvert government to come good on its pledge to help build an all-weather road network in the Athabasca region.


He’s also hoping the new-look federal government under Paul Martin will be able to get the ball rolling.


Benoanie says the food supply in Wollaston isn’t what it should be and residents are eagerly waiting for the first semi to arrive.