Wolf Attack Victim Still Recovering From Injuries

Friday, January 07, 2005 at 13:33



The man who was attacked by a wolf at Key Lake on New Year’s Eve says he has no problem with the measures Cameco has in place to limit the presence of wolves near the site.


Fred Desjarlais is still recovering from injuries suffered in his prolonged struggle with the wolf.


Desjarlais says he has seen numerous wolves around the mine site during his 25-year career at Key Lake, but this is the first time he’s heard of a wolf acting so aggressively.


Desjarlais agrees that the wolf was almost certainly looking for food that day, but doesn’t think there’s much more Cameco can do to limit the wolves’ access to garbage from the mine site.


Cameco spokeswoman Alice Wong says there’s a few new things they could try, but is standing behind the company’s current policy concerning waste.


Wong says the company is considering fencing the area where they currently bury garbage from the mine site.


Cameco no longer burns the garbage because of health and environmental considerations.


Meanwhile, Wong says workers at the mine site are no longer allowed to wander outside alone.


Desjarlais was jogging by himself in the area when he was attacked.


According to officials with Saskatchewan Environment, two wolves have been killed in the vicinity of the mine site since the incident.


Tests are being conducted to see if either one of them was the one that attacked Desjarlais.


They are also being tested for rabies.