Weyerhaeuser Opts Not To Sell Paper Machinery

Friday, December 16, 2005 at 15:36



A spokesman for Weyerhaeuser says the company could still include paper machinery in a sale of the plant, but it’s not very likely.


Wayne Roznowsky says the company doesn’t feel there’s a market right now for paper mills in Canada, and that’s why Weyerhaeuser officials have decided to focus their efforts on selling just the pulp mill instead.


He adds the move shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, since no one has really expected the paper machine to be very marketable. He adds it hasn’t been, based on the lack of interest shown so far.


Roznowsky says between 200 and 250 employees staff the paper machinery at the plant.


He also says the company has decided on the companies it will work with to try and complete a possible deal for the pulp mill.


Meanwhile, unionized workers at the paper mill say they’re horrified by the company’s decision to not include the paper machinery in any potential sale.


Union local president Ron Rucks says it doesn’t make sense to him why the company would intentionally keep such a valuable commodity out of the hands of possible investors.


He says the news is quite the blow for employees who work in the paper section of the facility, because they were under the impression someone would buy the mill and save their jobs.


They are expected to be thrown out of work early in the New Year.