Weyerhaeuser Defends Harvesting Practices

Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 15:02



A spokesman for Weyerhaeuser says the company is fully in compliance with the provincial government’s standards on good forest management.


Wayne Roznowsky says recent criticism over the company’s practices in the Pasqua-Porcupine area are being noted by the company, but insists they are still acting within regulatory guidelines.


Roznowsky says the terms of the forest management agreement in that area call for the company to limit soil compaction wherever possible and to minimize the impact on wildlife.


He says that is still being done, but the company is using new methods to achieve those goals.


Roznowsky says the company will hold public meetings with stakeholders in the forest management zone to get their take on the situation.


The first meeting gets underway July 6th in Cumberland House.