Westside Cree Court Announced At Justice Symposium

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 at 19:37



The 5th Annual Northern Justice Symposium got underway this morning in Prince Albert and was highlighted by an important announcement made by the Provincial Justice Minister.


Frank Quennell announced the establishment of a second Cree-speaking court for the West-side of northern Saskatchewan this morning.


Current Cree-court prosecutor Donald John Bird, of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation, will be appointed as a Provincial Court Judge and will head the West-side operation in Meadow Lake.


Cumberland House Mayor and spokesman for the event, Dale McAuley says the Northern Justice Symposium is going to cover a number of topics including community safety, young offenders, and RCMP initiatives over the three.


McAuley says this years symposium will feature guest speakers and dignitaries from across the province.


The conference titled “Empowering Northerners To Take A Stand” will wrap up Friday.