Waterhen Dispute Not Over Yet

Monday, January 31, 2005 at 14:59



Even though a settlement has apparently been reached with some former workers at the Waterhen Lake First Nation, protesters vow to continue their demonstration at the band’s headquarters.


One of the protesters, John Ironbow, admits they’re not in love with the idea of the former employees getting $600,000 in band funds.


However, Ironbow admits there is little the protesters can do to stop that settlement from being paid out.


Still, Ironbow says he and his counterparts won’t leave until the former workers essentially admit they took part in the 2001 protest that got them fired — despite a ruling to the contrary from a federal adjudicator.


Ironbow also says, contrary to popular belief, the only people that are being prevented from entering the band office are the former workers.


Meanwhile, the lawyer representing the former band workers says his clients stand to gain more money for each day that goes by without the band paying them.


Benjamin Partyka acknowledges the band agreed to pay the workers for their wrongful termination during a council meeting last week.


However, he says the terms of the agreement stipulate the workers must be paid immediately or the amount of the settlement increases.


Partyka says he hopes the band pays up soon and the workers can go on with their lives.