Water Levels A Concern In The Northeast

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 at 13:29



Northerners are being cautioned about the rising waters on the Churchill River and Reindeer River basins.


The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority announced a streamflow advisory yesterday, stating unusually high flows would cause flooding in low-lying areas along the banks.


Provincial River Forecast Centre manager Delvin Euteneier says the flooding will not be near any residential areas.


Euteneier says the advisory was intended mostly for the safety of those on or adjacent to the river.


People with boats and other possessions near or along affected waterways are being asked to move them to higher ground.


Euteneier says the high water levels aren’t expected to recede for several weeks, and could remain high into the winter months if the area sees more rain.


Already, the flow on the Churchill River at Otter Rapids is more than twice its normal level for this time of year, and the highest it’s been since 1974.


Water levels in the lower Churchill River basin are expected to rise another 1.5 metres over the next two weeks.


However, the watershed authority says these levels will be slightly lower than were experienced in the fall of 1997.