Wapawekka Lumber Soldiers On In Uncertain Times

Monday, December 12, 2005 at 15:01



Despite the looming closure of Weyerhaeuser’s pulp and paper mill in Prince Albert, a small sawmill near the city is preparing to install new equipment.


Wapawekka Lumber will begin an eight-week shutdown on Saturday.


The First Nations-owned sawmill has had an “OK year”, according to spokesman Wayne Roznowsky.


However, Roznowsky point out the operation usually undergoes a shutdown at this time of the year because of market conditions and reasons related to maintenance.


Roznowsky says some workers will be called back early at the beginning of January so they can help install equipment designed to make the mill more effective and more independent.


Roznowsky adds it is still not clear just how Wapawekka will be affected by the impending closure of the pulp and paper mill next year.


However, he admits the fate of the pulp mill will have a major impact on what Wapawekka does.


In any event, Roznowsky argues the installation of the new equipment can’t hurt.