Waiting Game Continues For Uranium City Evacuees

Monday, July 14, 2008 at 15:04



Crews continue to battle two huge forest fires burning near Uranium City.


Provincial duty officer Brent Zabaraschuk says the Camsell fire continues to burn out of control, while the Viking fire is being held.


Heavy smoke continues to be a problem for everyone in the area, but he says they are slowly starting to get the upper hand.


Zabaraschuk says the Viking fire is just a few kilometres away from the community.


However, he notes they have secured the southern flank of that blaze.


Meantime, Social Services officials say about 30 evacuated residents from Uranium City remain holed up in Prince Albert.


They have been in the city for two weeks now.


The number of evacuees still in the city used to be 38, but spokesperson Trish Alcorn says a few have left a hotel to stay with friends and family.