Wahpeton Close to Finalizing Agreement with INAC

Friday, August 20, 2004 at 14:33



A dispute between Indian Affairs and a Prince Albert-area First Nation is close to being settled.


The financial transfer agreement expired between INAC and the Wahpeton Dakota Nation expired back on May 4th.


The band was asking for a new multi-year deal, while INAC was offering just a one-year agreement.


The single-year term was something the band wasn’t comfortable with as it didn¹t allow for long-term planning like housing projects or business development.


It also made several residents uneasy who held rallies outside the band office holding up signs demanding the government restore funding to the band’s education system.


However, band lawyer Dwayne Stonechild says things have changed — a new five-year agreement is in the process of being hammered out.


It’s hoped the new deal will give the band the flexibility it needs to keep economic development rolling and the education system healthy.