Very High Spring Runoff In Store For The Northeast

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 14:17



The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority says parts of northeastern Saskatchewan will once again see well above normal water levels this spring and summer.


Spokesman Doug Johnson says the spring runoff might result in flooding in eastern portions of the southern boreal forest and in the lower Churchill River Basin — which includes communities like La Ronge, Southend, Sandy Bay and Montreal Lake.


Johnson says the extent of the potential flooding will depend on the timing and progress of the spring thaw.


As for the Cumberland House region, Johnson doesn’t anticipate a repeat of the significant flooding that community saw last year — mainly because the runoff from the Rockies that eventually makes its way past Cumberland House is not expected to be significant.


Overall, Johnson feels the water levels in northeastern lakes and rivers will approach last year’s levels, but probably won’t match them.


Meanwhile, the watershed authority is predicting above normal runoff in the Far North and near normal or below normal levels on the West Side.