TV Movie About Ipperwash Shooting To Air Tonight

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 15:02



A made-for-TV movie premieres tonight on CTV about the shooting death of native protester Dudley George in Ipperwash Provincial Park in 1995.


The movie is called “One Dead Indian”, and is going to air despite the fact an inquiry into George’s death continues in Ontario.


In fact, former Ontario premier Mike Harris is set to testify in a couple of weeks about his alleged role in the shooting, which was carried out by an Ontario Provincial Police officer.


Pamela Matthews portrays George’s sister, Carolyn, in the movie.


She says lawyers were heavily consulted when the movie was made, but she’s happy it’s coming out while the inquiry is still underway.


The movie airs tonight on CTV at 7:00 pm Saskatchewan time.