Treaty Commissioner Praises Teachers

Thursday, April 15, 2004 at 12:50



Saskatchewan’s treaty commissioner is encouraged by the level of interest shown by the province’s teachers in teaching about the treaties.


Judge David Arnot says 26-hundred of the province’s teachers have been trained on how to teach about the treaties in the classroom, and Arnot says that number will be up to 3-thousand by the end of the year.


Arnot also says a kit on how to teach about the treaties to schoolchildren will be in every Saskatchewan school by the end of the year, and every school will have a teacher who has taken the necessary training.


Arnot says the credit belongs to Saskatchewan’s teachers for making this happen.


The treaty teaching tool fits into the existing curriculum and isn’t mandatory in Saskatchewan classrooms — something Arnot feels is a good thing.


The United Nations recently singled out the Office of the Treaty Commissioner in Saskatchewan for its work in treaty education.