Treaty 6 Chiefs Unsure About Nuclear Proposal

Friday, November 28, 2008 at 14:53



Onion Lake First Nation Chief Wallace Fox says he is not necessarily for or against nuclear power — but he says Bruce Power should have consulted Aboriginal people before announcing yesterday that a nuclear power plant might be built in their traditional territory.


Bruce Power has released the results of a study that shows a nuclear power plant could be established in an area from Prince Albert to Lloydminster by 2020.


Fox says the area along the North Saskatchewan River is part of Treaty 6 territory, so all First Nations in Treaty 6 should be consulted.


He adds he is not sure what the reaction will be from First Nations.


Thunderchild First Nation Chief Dale Awasis is feeling left out by Bruce Power.


Awasis says Bruce Power should have discussed the project with First Nations, such as Thunderchild, first.


He says the chiefs have a lot of questions about the proposal, including the potential impacts — but so far, no one from the company has come to see his band.


Bruce Power is promising to consult affected First Nations over the next phase of its planning.


The company says the plant could create 2,000 jobs, including 1,000 permanent jobs for 60 years.


According to Bruce Power, those jobs would pay an average of $70 an hour.