Trappers Compensated By Owners Of Silica Sand Mine

Friday, November 28, 2008 at 14:40



A compensation deal has been reached between trappers near Hanson Lake and a mining company in the area.


Tommy Sewap of the N-31 Fur Block says a deal was reached earlier this month between his group and Winn Bay Sand.


The company has been mining silica sand from a deposit near Hanson Lake since 2004.


Sewap says under the terms of the deal, trappers who were active during that time will split $60,000 dollars in retro compensation.


As well, the company will provide $13,000 annually in additional funding to members of his fur block for as long as the mine is in operation.


Sewap says he’s happy his group was able to negotiate the settlement on its own without having to drag in high-priced lawyers or consultants.


He also says roughly 25 fur harvesters were deemed eligible for the funding, but now others want in.