Trappers and Fishers Welcome Cool Weather

Tuesday, November 23, 2004 at 15:18



A long-time trapper in La Ronge says cold weather can’t come quick enough for northern harvesters.


Franklin Carriere admits he’s not sure how fishers and trappers are coping these days, but he’s pretty sure many of them are near the end of their rope.


Slush-filled lakes and a lack of snow are making it hard for trappers to find their game and fishers to begin ice fishing.


Carriere says he spoke recently with a fur buyer who told him no pelts had come in yet.


He says that is a dark sign because some trappers ventured out to their lines almost a month ago.


Carriere says the recent drop in temperature means pelts will begin priming up soon and fish will be firming.


He hopes the ice on ponds and lakes also hardens up, so that there’s no accidents this winter.