Transwest Offers More Flights To Wollaston

Thursday, February 23, 2006 at 16:09



Transwest Air will soon be offering more flights for travelers heading to and from Wollaston Lake.


Transwest Air Director of Marketing, Ken Landers, says effective next Monday, the northern flight service will be offering more evening flights to Wollaston Lake.


Landers says flights 402 and 403, to and from Wollaston Lake, will run Monday through Friday in the evenings, which is an increase from just 3 days a week. He says the afternoon flights remain in effect Sunday to Friday.


Landers noted that Transwest Air is continuing to help communities in the far north deal with the lack of ice roads by increasing the checked bag allowance per person to 100 pounds from 60 pounds.


Landers says the allowance will be in effect until the ice roads are open or the end of the season.