Tory Caucus Hears All-Weather Road Presentation

Monday, October 02, 2006 at 14:45



A meeting in Ottawa last week to pitch the long-awaited all-weather road network in Saskatchewan’s Far North is being called “very productive”.


Delegates from the region met with the Saskatchewan Conservative Caucus in an attempt to secure a 50 per cent federal commitment.


First Nations leaders from the Athabasca Basin explained the economic benefits that their people would reap if the roads were built.


Athabasca development official Geoff Gay was also present at the meeting and is confident real progress was made despite years of failed negotiations with the feds.


Gay says part of his optimism is based on the fact that they are now acting on the advice of Canada’s Indian Affairs minister and negotiating through the Tory caucus instead of with the department.


Last December, Premier Lorne Calvert announced the provincial government would pay for half of the cost of the project, which is now estimated at $65 million.