Time Running Out For Parties To Respond To AFN

Friday, January 06, 2006 at 15:13



Today is the deadline for Canada’s political parties to respond to seven questions posed by the Assembly of First Nations.


AFN National Chief Phil Fontaine says letters with the questions were sent out to the parties back on December 14th.


He says the parties’ answers to the questions will be used to assess each party’s commitment to a progressive and productive agenda for First Nations.


Among other things, his organization wants to know if the parties support the commitments made to Aboriginal groups at the First Ministers Meeting in November.


The AFN is also curious which parties plan to honour the settlement package announced for residential school survivors, and if they would be willing to make a full apology to survivors.


Fontaine says the responses his group receives will be shared with the public.


He adds the goal of the exercise is not to tell First Nations people how to vote, but to help them make informed decisions.