Threat of Road Block Near Dore Lake

Friday, December 17, 2004 at 15:54



A trapper in northwest Saskatchewan says he and others have had enough with high-volume truck traffic near their community.


Jonathon Fonos says many residents in Dore Lake and nearby Sled lake are calling on Weyerhaeuser to keep its vehicles off Highway 924 as much as possible.


A community meeting was recently held about the issue, at which point a list of recommendations for both Weyerhaeuser and the provincial government was relayed to a highways officer in attendance.


Fonos says the company’s logging trucks could very easily just use a logging road that is adjacent to the main highway.


He also says if both sides refuse to take the locals’ concerns seriously, they will have no choice but to stage a protest and begin to block trucks from the highway next month.


He adds recent efforts at diplomacy have gone nowhere; hence, the need for more drastic action.