Thousands Expected At La Ronge Torch Relay Run

Thursday, November 05, 2009 at 12:08



Organizers are expecting at least 3,000 spectators to witness the Olympic torch’s stop in La Ronge on Saturday.


The portion of the relay in the Town of La Ronge will begin at the town office at 12:19 and involve three torchbearers, who will take it on a route that includes Boardman St., La Ronge Ave. and Backlund St.


The torch will end up in front of the Mel Heglund Uniplex at 12:30, for the lighting of a cauldron.


However, before all that takes place, La Ronge torch relay committee chair Tammy Fiske says the torch will visit one of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band’s reserves first.


“When it lands at the airport in La Ronge, it’ll be convoyed onto the reserve, and from the reserve it will (be) run a portion there. I believe it’s only about 600 metres. They have two torchbearers. Then it will stop at the band office for 15 minutes, where they will do a blessing,” Fiske says.


Fiske says when the torch arrives in the town, spectators will have to decide if they want to line the torch relay route or witness the lighting of the cauldron.