Testimony Wraps Up At Sanderson Trial

Thursday, April 26, 2007 at 15:17



The defence has rested its case in the trial of a northern woman accused of two counts of impaired driving causing death.


The final witness to take the stand this morning was the suspect — 27-year-old Lily Sanderson.


Police allege she was behind the wheel of a car that overturned on a road just south of La Ronge in May of 2005, killing two people and injuring two more.


They also allege she was drunk while behind the wheel.


Sanderson testified she does not remember the incident, and that she also suffered injuries in the crash.


She told court she believed her injuries could have come from her seatbelt, but didn’t have the means to prove it for sure.


Yesterday, RCMP toxicology specialist Richelle Booker provided analysis of a blood test that was taken from the suspect after the accident.


According to Booker, the blood sample indicated Sanderson’s blood-alcohol level was above the legal limit.


Sanderson’s lawyer, Rick Bell, had already pointed out that the blood examination kit used to take samples from Sanderson had expired.


Booker testified that the expiry date should only impacted the drawing power of the syringe — and not the blood specimen itself.


Both Bell and Crown prosecutor Jerrod Moore have rested their cases.


The judge has adjourned the trial until tomorrow morning, when closing arguments will be delivered.


The judge will instruct the jurors on Monday morning before their deliberations begin.