Testimony Resumes In Lafaver Trial

Monday, January 05, 2009 at 15:06



A memory expert is attempting to cast doubt on the reliability of two taped interviews given by a man accused of killing a Montreal Lake band member over three decades ago.


Dr. Thomas Dalby of Calgary gave extensive opinions about the statements given by 68-year-old William Lafaver to police last year.


Dalby said parts of Lafaver’s statements to a 9-1-1 operator concerning the death of Caroline Roberts appear to be inconsistent.


He also testified at length about what effects alcohol impairment, the passage of time, and reconstructive efforts have on a person’s ability to remember past events.


At issue is whether Lafaver hit and caused fatal head injuries to Roberts in 1975.


The alleged incident happened in a cabin at the boundary fire tower on the west side of Prince Albert National Park.


Under cross-examination, Crown prosecutor Peter Ryhorchuk asked the doctor if Lafaver’s lack of detail meant he hadn’t hit Roberts.


He also said to the doctor: “When you pick at little trees, you don’t see the forest. You don’t see what’s right”.


The doctor agreed Lafaver’s inconsistencies didn’t leave out the possibility he had hit the woman.


The judge then adjourned the proceedings for the day.


The trial resumes tomorrow.