Testimony Begins At Murdoch Carriere Trial

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 15:06



More testimony is expected today in the trial of Murdoch Carriere, a former civil servant originally from northern Saskatchewan.


The former government director stands charged of committing four assaults — two of them sexual — against four different women.


None of the women can be identified as part of a court order.


Yesterday, the first witness testified Carriere massaged her repeatedly during their time in the department, and also hugged her from behind.


She claims she approached a supervisor to complain but little was done.


The lawyer for Carriere, Jeff Dufour, asked the woman if she had an objective in mind when she began proceedings against Carriere for the alleged contact.


She replied “no”.


Dufour then asked her if she had leaked evidence to the media intentionally.


Again, she replied “no”.


The three other complainants in the case have yet to take the stand and the Crown also plans to call a police officer.


It’s not known how many witnesses the defence may produce.