Tentative Deal Struck In MNC Dispute

Friday, January 04, 2008 at 14:48



A tentative agreeement has been reached to solve a disagreement over who will be allowed as delegates at the next Metis national assembly.


Clem Chartier, the former president of the Metis National Council, attended a meeting yesterday in Toronto where he discussed the issue with the five provincial Metis leaders.


Chartier says lawyers for the two sides still have to check things over — but, right now, they have agreed on a plan forward.


A confidentiality agreement prevents any of the parties involved from leaking details of the proposed arrangement.


Yesterday’s meeting took place under the watchful eye of a judge.


Chartier says the judge will sign off on the agreement when it’s finally complete.


Before the meeting, it was understood the matter could wind up in court if no progress was made between the two sides.