Talk Of Nuclear Power Plant Catches Ear Of Chief

Thursday, October 27, 2005 at 14:17



The chief of the Clearwater River Dene Nation says he is open to the prospect of establishing a nuclear power plant in northwestern Saskatchewan.


However, Roy Cheechum states both government and industry will have to consult with First Nations closely, if they expect the proposal to go ahead.


This week, former deputy premier Dwain Lingenfelter told reporters he will soon be leading a push to have a nuclear plant built in our province directly across from Fort McMurray, Alberta.


Cheechum says members of his First Nation are always open to new ideas, but they won’t sit idly by while major projects like this are discussed without their input.


According to newspaper reports, Lingenfelter believes energy created from the plant could be transmitted over power lines to quench Alberta’s oil sands’ growing thirst for power.


He hopes to sell provincial residents on that idea.