Sweetgrass Infant Recovering From Liver Operation

Friday, April 11, 2008 at 14:35



A seven-month-old Sweetgrass First Nation child is in a hospital in Edmonton recovering from a liver transplant operation that lasted more than 11 hours.


Diaz Paskemin was born with a rare liver disease and in late December, she underwent a seven-hour operation.


The infant’s condition improved for awhile, but it didn’t fix the liver damage — so she was transferred to Edmonton.


Her grandmother, Lynne Paskemin, says at one point, things were so bad they thought Diaz might die.


Paskemin says the recent operation was a great success, and her granddaughter may come home Monday or Tuesday.


Doctors will meet with the family later today.


Paskemin has made many trips to Edmonton to visit Diaz.


She has financed those trips by holding bingos at the Sweetgrass reserve.