Suspect In Bosse Case Back In Court

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 15:16



The man charged with murdering Daleen Bosse made his second court appearance today.


30-year-old Douglas Hales looked disheveled when he faced another packed courtroom in Saskatoon this morning.


This time he had a lawyer — Roger Kergoat.


Kergoat says he has had very little time to speak to his client or review the case.


Hales is still in custody, and Kergoat admits he is concerned about his client’s safety.


Kergoat notes his client has his own room, but is not segregated.


Hales was arrested on Sunday and has been charged with first-degree murder and offering an indignity to human remains for setting Bosse’s body on fire.


Bosse’s remains were found Friday in a secluded, treed area near Warman that police think has been used by youth for parties.


According to police, Hales was the last person seen with Bosse before her disappearance four years ago.


The police also say there is no historical connection between the victim and suspect.


Hales will makes his next court appearance on September 9th.


Funeral arrangements have not yet been made, as the family is waiting for an autopsy to be finished.


Onion Lake Chief Wallace Fox, speaking on behalf of Bosse’s parents, says his community is going through mixed emotions right now — they’re relieved that the ordeal is over, but sad that they’ve lost a family member and friend.


Meanwhile, FSIN Chief Lawrence Joseph is offering his condolences to the Muskego family.


Joseph says the family is relieved to know what happened to their daughter, but sad it ended in tragedy.


He spoke to Bosse’s father, Herb Muskego, yesterday and adds the first thing Muskego said was the family could now bring their daughter home.


Joseph also says he and Bosse’s father agree the Saskatoon police service has conducted itself with a great deal of professionalism over the course of this investigation.


Joseph is specifically praising Police Chief Clive Weighill for visiting the Muskegos in Onion Lake.